Friday, September 09, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief

They are currently airing a hurricane relief concert on all the major TV networks to raise money for the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Question: what do I think about this?

Answer: I don't see much reason for us to help these victims. It is important to realize that these people had ample advance warning about this hurricane and anyone who really wished to avert the disaster that this hurricane inflicted on many, could have done so easily by simply moving out of the city. Those who stayed behind are by and large black, poor and ignorant people who are simply not fit for survival. The question really should be here, how far ought we to go as a society to help those on the fringes cope with the regular challenges of life. Certainly, I agree that mutual help is vital for a successful civilization but it is NOT an altruistic kind of help. When we help people in need, we are really helping ourselves and the less obvious it is that our benevolent actions benefit ourselves, the less likely we are inclined to engage in such actions. If it's a one way street, it's a waste of time and this is what seems to be the case with Hurricane Katrine.